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I've had this posted at CL for a while, but thought I'd list it here as well.

1998 Schwinn Paramount frameset.
60th Anniversary edition, number 101 of 750 built.
Fully lugged Reynolds 853 main tubing with 753 stays.
Chris King headset.
54cm top tube, 52cm seat tube.
Weighs 5.5 lbs (frame, fork, headset).

These frames were built by match Cycles, which was owned by Tim Isaac, who was the main engineer at Trek from the late '70's to late '80's.  match employed some of the top frame builders for the Paramount project, including Curt Goodrich, who built frames for Rivendell, as well.

Her's a few links:

This frame is in great shape, no dents or dings, but there are some paint touch ups and chips here and there.

My CL link:

Asking $400.

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