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Women's Cycling Resources: Rides & Events

Women's Dirt Days Photo by SnowyMountain Photography

Looking for rides and events specifically for women? Check out the list below for some great local options. In addition, be sure to check out The Chainlink's Calendar of Events.

Chicago Women's Elite Cycling 
A non-profit organization designed to support and develop top-level female cyclists in the Chicagoland area. CWEC hosts seminars, on-the-bike clinics, and training rides throughout the year for riders that have an interest in bike racing. 

Critical Lass 
Critical Lass is a monthly 5-8 mile bike ride for women/trans cyclists.

Cyclo Femme
Join us in Celebrating Global Women's Cycling Day in May to honor the past, celebrate the present, empower the future.

Sadie Hawkins Day Style Ride
The 9th Annual Sadie Hawkins Day Style Ride is a partner's race geared toward welcoming all types of riders and strongly encouraging women's participation in cycling events. The race is organized in a way that creates a positive atmosphere that encourages both competitive and non-competitive cyclists to participate, drawing many to vie for both speed and style.

Venus de Miles
Venus de Miles is Illinois’ first all-women's athletic event. Multiple course options welcome all ability levels and ages to this celebration of sisterhood and community.  Participants are treated to healthy food, cocktails, spa services, and a lot of fun. 

Wisconsin Women Cycling
They host a number of great events and rides in Wisconsin for women including a forum, metric centuries and centuries.

Women and Trans’ Night at West Town Bikes
Need a comfortable place to work on your bike with the assistance of our staff?  Want to wield a wrench in a non-patriarchal environment? Then check out Women and Trans night at WTB!

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