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Women's Cycling Resources: Blogs & Websites

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As more women become cycling enthusiasts, the number of cycling-related blogs and websites has increased. These blogs and websites by women cyclists can be a great resource for many aspects of cycling - commuting, bike style, racing, fitness, etc. In addition to these resources, be sure to check out The Chainlink's Forum and the Calendar of Events.

Bent Wanderings
A Spiritual Journey Of A Recumbent Rider

Bike Fancy 
Photographer, Martha Williams capturing women that "look good on bikes".

Bike Winter
The idea of Bike Winter is simple: with a little inspiration, education and determination, it’s easy to stay in the saddle year-round. 

Started in 2011, Bikeyface is written and illustrated by Bekka Wright who (contrary to what some would expect) is not actually a cartoon character. Bekka is a real person who bikes to work (and many other places) everyday in and around Boston, MA. Her two-wheeled lifestyle serves as the primary inspiration for Bikeyface webcomics.

Black Girls Do Bike
Growing and supporting a community of women/girls who share a passion for cycling for function, fitness, freedom and fun. Seeking the "bike curious".

Chasing Mailboxes
Chasing Mailboxes is a space to share stories and reflect on bicycling and running experiences.

Chicago Bike Mom
Learning to Navigate the Windy City on Two Wheels- With Two Kids

Chicargo Bike
Family and kid bike transportation in Chicago.

Ding Ding Let's Ride
A blog with information on bike parking, bike commuting, cargo bikes, Dutch bikes, adaptive bikes for kids, bike reviews, and so forth.

Ella Cycling Tips
Ella CyclingTips is the sister site of CyclingTips and the go-to source for all things women’s cycling, with a focus on women’s professional racing and recreational riding.

Fifty, Fit and Fabulous
Women in their 50s should embrace their age and be empowered. Don't shy away from staying fit and setting athletic goals. Be it as simple as increasing your endurance on the bike, tackling a century ride or checking an event off your bucket list. 

Francine Haas
Empowering women cyclists through knowledge: women’s cycling clinics for everyone from beginners to racers, women's rides to introduce women to riding together in groups, and weekly updates about things to do for cyclists in and around Chicago.

Girl. Bike. Love
Girl Bike Love is about riding a bike, racing a bike, commuting by bike and more. We are Passion Pedalers. Their mission to empower, inspire, and encourage more women to ride bikes.

Let's Go Ride a Bike
The blog's purpose is to encourage others, especially women to give cycling a shot. The authors have great style and beautiful bikes.

Lovely Bicycle
Lovely Bicycle is an eclectic bicycling weblog featuring stories, reviews and miscellanea, with an emphasis on the classic and the handmade.

Momentum Mag
Their goal is to influence a shift in the transportation culture in North America from car-centricity to a balance of public transportation, appropriate car use, walking and bicycling, by showcasing riding a bike as a fun, smart, stylish and sexy way to get around.

Dawn Piech: "My journey to Paris-Brest-Paris 2015: An Ancienne in the Grand Livre"
Dawn Piech is an inspired and passionate gal from the Midwest who savors cycling and all of life’s adventures.

Pretty. Damned. Fast.
Women's cycling in all of its forms, especially when it's done with style.

ThisIsSwift (formerly Grit&Glimmer and TheEverydayAthlete)
In addition to providing insight into the “work behind the work”, This Is Swift is a home for content that is sometimes informational, sometimes inspirational, but always, always straight from the gut.

Tiny Fix
Tiny Fix started as a group of three female cyclists under five foot two, although we are quickly expanding our ranks. We like pretending we’re a miniaturized super hardcore bike gang and helping fun stuff happen. 

velojoy is your destination for New York City urban cycling fashion, fun and lifestyle.

Looking for more? Bike Style Spokane has a (very long) list of cycling-related blogs by women.

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