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Chicago Area Weekly Practice Schedule

2017 Chicago Cross Cup Racing Schedule

All races are held rain, snow, or shine on Sunday unless otherwise noted.

All races are held rain, snow (usually), or shine on Sunday unless otherwise noted.

09/10/17 – Caldwell Woods (xXx Racing-Athletico)
10/01/17 – Hopkins Park (Comrade Cycles Racing)
10/08/17 – Dan Ryan Woods (Beverly Bike Vee-Pak)
10/15/17 – Carpentersville (Woodland School) (Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron)
10/22/17 – ABD Sunrise Park (Athletes By Design)
10/29/17 – Campton Cross (Bicycle Heaven & Training Bible Cycling) – HALLOWEEN!
11/05/17 – Groundhog Psi-clocross (PSIMET)
11/11/17 – Pheasant Run Resort – Day 1 (South Chicago Wheelmen) – SATURDAY
11/12/17 – Pheasant Run Resort – Day 2 (South Chicago Wheelmen)
11/19/17 – George Garner Sr Memorial Race @ Melas (Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club & Flatlandia)
12/03/17 – Montrose Harbor – State CX Championship (Ten27 Cycles & Spidermonkey Cycling)
12/17/17 – Awards Party – EJ’s Place in Skokie

USA Cycling (USAC) - Races are sanctioned by USA Cycling (USAC), you can purchase one-day licenses at each race or simply visit and purchase a one-year license.

Tip: download the USAC app onto your phone so you can easily access the license from your phone.

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What Is a Cyclocross Bike?

To the casual observer, a cyclocross bike looks like a road bike with slightly larger, knobby tires. However, it has a few more key differences. For starters, it will place the crank and pedals slightly higher for more ground clearance, it will have a slightly longer wheelbase for more stability, and it will have either cantilever or disc brakes for better operation in wet, muddy conditions. Cyclocross tires are generally sized 700x32 or 700x33. Most brands offer them in three different tread patterns, so a serious racer can choose the best tire for dry, medium/mixed or wet/muddy conditions. Since novice racers typically only own one set of wheels, they will choose a tire that best suits average conditions over the course of an entire season. Depending on where they live, this will likely be either a medium or a aggressive tread.

A nice, added benefit of cyclocross bikes is that they're excellent commuters, they excel at light touring, and are perfect for gravel rides/racing. This makes them a safe purchase for offseason use, or if you decide 'cross racing is not for you.

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