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The Chainlink Top Ten for 2016: Articles, Stories, & Threads

Top 9 Chainlink Instagram for 2016

1. What's This Doing in the Bike Lane? (Forum Thread)

Filling the thread, Twitter with three hashtags, or post pics on Instagram, Chicago cyclists deal with the daily challenge of avoiding cars, taxis, unloading trucks, snow, trash, potholes, and pedestrians hanging out in the bike lane. Whether it's lack of enforcement or lack of snow removal, we can all agree we'd be a lot safer if our path was clear. 

2. "Must Love Hills: A RAGBRAI Virgin's Weeklong Love Affair With Iowa" By Liz Farina Markel

Liz brought back her stories and beautiful photography from her first RAGBRAI adventure. And yes, there was pie. 

3. Tires, Tires, Tires

So many old and new tires posts made the top so here they are in one place:

4. Five Classic Chicagoland Bike Adventures

All you need is two wheels for a fun day-trip close to home. No cars required. 

5. Product Review: Apple Watch Sport, 42mm

Is this watch helpful and useful for a cyclist? 

6. Can One Bike Do It All?

How many bikes do we really need? n+1 or just one? 

7. Chainlink Bike Review: Borealis Flume

We've been seeing them crop up in the snow, on gravel, mountain bike trails, and centuries. Are they really that much fun? Or so much hype?

8. Sometimes We Cyclists Bring It On Ourselves

This article stirred up a lot of discussion and some controversy. Are we really commuter vs. spandex? 

9. There's No Riding Like Snow Riding

More fat bike love...

10. How Does Specialized Expect Women to Take Them Seriously When They Don't Take Women Seriously? (Forum Thread)

We look forward to a day this type of story doesn't happen but until then, we will continue to fight for equal and respectful treatment of women in cycling - racing, industry, and on the roads.


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