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Product Preview: FitWell Bike

By Eric Alexander

The Fitwell Schratz is a new touring/monster-cross bike looking to enter the growing market of this type of bike. The company has a Kickstarter campaign live till the 28th of this month

Ryan from Fitwell sent me one of the pre-production models to look over and ride for a month to see what this bike was all about. The possibilities for this frame are endless from flat bars more on the MTB side to the way the the test bike I has is set up with drop bars.


Some Details:      

The frame is 4130 chromoly and all the welds look very clean.

You have the ability to run a rigid fork or a 100 mm suspension fork. In both tapered or straight depending on the headset you choose.

The frame can fit up to a 2.0 tire for the more MTB side of riding or a 32 slick for more road type riding.

They offer different levels of component builds including a drop bar hydraulic brake option.


One of the most unique features of the Fitwell bike company is the Fit system they offer.  With this system you get 15 size options for this bike. They offer X small to XL like a standard bike company fit. Then you get into what looks like a rider posture fit that is broken into 3 fit options.

The Fit system has you type in a few simple numbers and suggests what you will like for your riding style:


Like all Kickstarter programs, this is an all (fully funded) or nothing deal. If you're in the market for this type of all-purpose bike, I would consider getting in early at the discounted prices. I'll be posting a detailed review in the upcoming weeks but wanted to get the word out before the promotion on kickstarter ends.  AT $290.00 with a steel fork and 450.00 with a carbon color matched fork, this is a great way to start that new adventure bike build.

About the author:
Eric Alexander is The Chainlink's gravel and adventure contributor. We first encountered Eric a few years back on the final stretch of a particularly windy, cold, and rainy gravel ride called the Dirty Mudd'r. Since then, he's proven time and time again, when the going gets tough and you're deep into a difficult day in the saddle, he's definitely someone you want pedaling by your side. Eric participates/competes in various endurance riding events as a member of Team Twin Six.


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Comment by Matt on December 23, 2016 at 2:40pm

Nice preview. Looking forward to some more info once you get some time on the bike. I have had my eye on a couple of their bikes for a while now. They have some amazing sales every once and a while for the current models. 

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