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Indoor Cycling Training Resources

By Yasmeen Schuller

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s time to start thinking about indoor training on the bike as an alternative to long rides outside. There are lots of great resources to help you stay in shape on your bike through out the winter.


Equipment: Trainer vs. Rollers

Brett Ratner provides a breakdown of trainer vs. rollers, comparing the Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer to SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers. While rollers help you work on bike handling at the same time you are working out, they aren’t for everyone because some can find them tricky to get used to.

Where to Start?

While this advice is geared towards getting a “jump start on Spring fitness,” there’s lots of great advice by Kristen Meshberg, Category 1 road and track racer, USA Cycling Coach, and founder of Pedaling with a Purpose. 


The Sufferfest

Brett revisits The Sufferfest – with all new functionality and workouts, this at-home online program is challenging and provides as little or as much guidance as you need.


Local Training Options

Prefer to train with people? Here are some local training options to keep you social and active.


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