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Featured Chainlink Feature: Maps and Route Tools

By Brett Ratner

Ok, so you find yourself with an entire Saturday free. The weather is perfect and you can spend the day doing...Whatever. You. Want.

Needless to say, you want to go for a bike ride!

But hold on a minute! You're a little burned out on Sheridan Road, the Lakefront Path, and the North Branch Trail up to the Botanic Gardens. Sure, they're awesome rides, but a day a perfect as today deserves a little variety.

Chainlink to the rescue! Over the years, your fellow members have populated our "Maps and Route Tools" page with everything you need to make today's ride epic.

Wanna ride to Milwaukee? What about the Morton Arboretum? Maybe Lake Geneva is your jam. This page offers Chainlink member-tested routes to all sorts of cool locations around Chicago.

In addition to that, the page features a variety of cyclist friendly maps, apps and other software tools...some created by Chainlink members.

Happy riding!

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