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Epic Bike Story: Three Floyds Ride by Oscar Newman

A colleague wanted to go on a long bike ride this summer. He suggested a ride to Munster, Indiana to the Three Floyds Brewpub. (" A snug, funky hideout for beer and grub") The trip was over 75 miles total from Logan Square, Chicago, a little more than 6 hours roundtrip.

Sadly, the funky hideout was a little too snug: there was an hour wait out the door when we arrived. There was no way I would have been able to wait that long and pick up my kids from daycare, so we had to scramble. Fortunately, there was another burger joint ("Meatheads: a modern spot for burgers and fries") that provided the burgers and fries we needed after 3 hours in the saddle. The ride was not a total loss: we found some new trails, like the Pennsy Greenway and beautiful Illiana Marina Trail and explored some new areas. The weather was hot, but manageable, and it was the first time I crossed state lines on my bike.


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