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Epic Bike Story: How a Broken Bike and a Winter Walk Created My Chainlink Photos by Gene Tenner

I have had a camera in my hands ever since I was nine when my Brownie Insta-Matic was my weapon of choice. I have cycled as an adult since 1986 when my ride was a workhorse Centurion. Yet, these two passions never came together until a clear winter night in 2008.


This was before I commuted in Chicago. I rode after work and weekends at the time. It was in January when I had to take my trike into the shop for repairs, and it would take some time to get parts and then make the repairs.


I was soon antsy due to the lack of exercise. I decided to take a brisk walk in lieu of my nightly ride. On the way out I noticed my camera which I had used for work that day on the counter and grabbed it.


It was a snowy day, but the night was cold, crisp and clear. I walked to Belmont Harbor and took shots along the way. I did this every night until my trusty steed returned.


When I went to take my first ride on my newly repaired trike out of force of habit I grabbed my camera on the way out.


The fusion of trike and camera was thrilling. I was soon addicted to the ride ‘n shoot phenomenon. When spring arrived I started shooting my first love: nature. I am a classically trained artist in intaglio printmaking, and my life-long topics of choice were plants and flowers, particularly close-ups.


A year later my son borrowed my car, and a crash left it totaled. When I got the insurance check I threw it in the bank and started commuting by trike and taking photographs along the way.


An odd set of circumstances caused two passions to come together, and they give me joy every day.

Note: If you'd like to see more of Gene's photography, visit forum thread, "I rode today. Did you?" or his photo album on The Chainlink.


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