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Chicago Snags top Honors for Bikes with Racks, Baskets or Buckets!

by Brett Ratner (photo courtesy CDOT)

PeopleForBikes is two months into an eight-month search. The purpose of their quest is to determine the top city for what they call "Everyday Biking."

According to the PeopleForBikes website, Everyday Biking is defined as such:

"...rolling out on your bike right from your garage—no spandex involved, you’re wearing normal, everyday clothes. You’re heading somewhere you need to go—like work, a meeting, or the grocery store. This might be part of your daily routine, or maybe you’re in the mood to run errands or get from point A to point B by bike, because it’s gorgeous outside. This trip isn’t about exercise. You’ve got a destination in mind, and the bike’s the way you get there…"

In an effort to (albeit unscientifically) research the subject, PeopleForBikes is instigating a monthly challenge. On the final Thursday of each month for the rest of 2015, they'll position representatives at preselected locations in bike-friendly cities across the country.

In April, they counted cargo bikes and trailers (Memphis won, narrowly edging out Tucson).

In May, they counted racks, baskets and "buckets" (bonus points awarded if the rider was carrying flowers in one of the aforementioned vessels).

Well, clearly Chicago knows how to rock its racks, baskets, buckets...and especially flowers, because Chicago beat out biking powerhouse Portland for the top spot.

Chicago cyclists "racking it up" on Milwaukee Avenue (photo courtesy CDOT).

In fact, since the Chicago representatives positioned themselves on Milwaukee Avenue right at rush hour, bikes were going by too fast to even get an accurate count.

While the monthly honor honor, I personally think we as a self-respecting bike city have what it takes to go for the big win. So, remember that PeopleForBikes will be out on the final Thursday of the coming months looking for the following:

June: skirts and dresses
July: Lycra or other spandex kits
August: kids on bikes (passengers included)
September: business attire (jackets, blouses, ties, office-friendly skirts and dresses)
October: costumes
November: beards

Visit to learn more.


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Comment by Nancy L. Fagin on June 5, 2015 at 10:12pm

Isn't counting beards a little sexist?  In my old age I sometime see a black or red whisker, but haven't grown a beard yet.  Here are my counting suggestions:

for November

Pilgrim type shoe buckles

Live turkeys or frozen turkeys

Native American headdress

December (non-religious)

snow goggles

long, long scarf (a la Dr. Who)


those spongy face masks (those I have and use)

Nancy L. Fagin


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