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Chainlink Long Sleeve 100% Merino Wool Jerseys!


 Click HERE to order yours today! 

Cut off for orders is 12PM Friday 1/3/14.

What people are saying about their jerseys....

Joseph Lynn's jersey selfie!

"I love my chainlink Jersey! The Merino is lovely and the cut is as you would want a bike jersey to be..... Looks and feels great. Awesome for layering." - Joseph Lynn


"I love my custom wool Chainlink jersey. By wearing one, you can guarantee that fellow cyclists will give you a wave!" - Anne Barnes


"Not only is The Chainlink wool jersey warm, comfortable and practical, but I get more compliments on it than any other piece of clothing that I wear. " -Gene Tenner

*Note: We need a minimum of 20 orders to make this happen. If this is reached, you will receive your jersey in early February. If not we you will recieve a full refund.

Show off your Chainlink pride and catch the eyes of fellow Chainlinkers!

The Chainlink logo is custom-embroidered onto the jersey and includes a hidden zipper pocket on the back.

Unisex Sizing Guide

                   Chest Sizing                              Jersey length back                    Long sleeve length

S -        32-34"  85cm                          25"  63cm                                  76cm

              M -        36-38"  93cm                          27.5"   70cm                                79cm               

                  L -         39-41"  100cm                          28"    71cm                              81cm                  

                 XL -       42-45"  108cm                         28.5"   72cm                            84cm                  

XXL -    46-48"  116cm                        29.5"   75cm                             87cm 

 Click HERE to order yours today.

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