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2017 Chainlink Ambassador: Jasmin Welter

Jasmin Welter is a dedicated commuter and competitive cyclist and triathlete, riding her mostly pink bikes around Chicagoland year-round. Jasmin is an Ambassador for The Chainlink and is involved with several other initiatives and brands to get more women on bikes. Jasmin writes regularly about new products, women cycling, commuting and more. Follow her on Instagram: @tri.heart and @princess_layup.

Types of cycling:

All of the riding, racing and commuting year-round. I enjoy the different challenges that come with mixing up the terrain and dealing with all sorts of weather. 

First bike?

My first bike was a hand-me down from my sister – a mountain bike with a star-spangled banner paint scheme that I rode through college.

What inspires you to ride?

I love the wind in my face, whether it’s on a commute or a race. I like the sweat and the tears, the joy and the pain, the community and the camaraderie that comes with riding bikes. Plus, it truly is the best way to get around town in Chicago. I have learned so much by riding, I got to know myself better, I pushed my boundaries, I searched for new challenges – one pedal stroke at a time.

Any advice for people who are just getting started commuting and/or riding?
Enjoy it. Don’t get too obsessed with gear and data, just explore, be safe, and have fun while you ride.

Do you have a cycling bucket list? What’s on the list?
In 2017 I’d like to go on as many bike adventures as possible, and explore some new states via bike. I’d also like to explore track racing more, which is fun and terrifying at the same time. One day, I’d like to ride my bike across New Zealand.

Favorite places to bike to for a snack, drinks, coffee, or food?
I love stopping by the new Rapha Clubhouse for coffee and meeting friends. Another favorite of mine is Vegetarian Express on Damen across the street from Turin Bicycles – I am somewhat of a regular there after the Wednesday Night Rides in the summer.

How many bikes do you own?
Currently four: my Giant Envie road bike (The Jamster), Giant Brava CX bike (Jamie), GT Zaskar mountain bike (Jay-Z) and my Momentum commuter, Jaylah. I am looking for a track bike to add to the collection…obviously, I’m always on the look out to grow the family.


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Comment by Jasmin on January 20, 2017 at 2:12pm

Thanks, Yasmeen! So stoked to be part of this again :)

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