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I did! and I fell ... womp!  In my defense, I was on Artisian near Hirsch and didn't know the pot holes were now filled past the rim with ice (pretty dark).  I'd been inside working since 11am. Love to hear about anyone else's falls be they present or past. 

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Good for you for getting out there. Are you ok?

One time I started sliding on the ice and jumped up, letting the bike fall instead of me going down with it.
I've done that but when there was like fluffier snow in the bike lane. This was like solid ice all over I slipped a bit walking my bike off the road even. Yea I'm fine! Hope it all melts tomorrow.

I've decided since I need to get on my bike for 30 days in April, I am going to take my Cx bike out on the snowy grass for a ride around the park. Still counts as a ride and if I bundle up, it should be fun. :-)


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