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How do folks feel about July 31 or August 14?  Both days have verrrry little in the way of conflicting bike events as yet, and each would give us enough time I think to get the plans laid.

I think the plan is still a Eurotrash ride.  Pleather pants, lots of shine, fake tans, slick hair.  Yes?

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I went thrifting today and found a piece to I am in thrift mode...must go again this week...anyone want to join me?

We've got a little cart coming that the amp can ride in!

Spencer: Do you have a particular mix in mind/in the works or should I start acquiring things?

Barbra Mann said:
Michelle, did you get a flyer and name figured out for this one? I like your suggestions. The Neon Apocolypse event organizers are already promoting their thing on facebook, it would probably be great to comment on it and our involvement in it to add some hype but I didn't know what to call it...maybe just RDRR at this point? :-) Want to make sure it's still on, too.
Maybe we could start in a park since it's so early? Just a thought. I have a Roland Micro Cube for music.
Damn! I'm sorry I missed this! I already had a party to co-host that night. Will try to stay in the loop for future dance/ride adventures.

bump, bump. hint, hint

doobily doop dee doo 



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