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I was thinking of getting a pedi cab. Maybe a Main Street Broadway. I like how they look and they fit other interests I have be sides the idea of maybe making some money. I am in good shape and I know that wouldn't be an issue either.

If I chose to start a pedicab business of my own (with just the one cab; me), what might be the best way to go about that? Are there any laws dictating where a pedicab business can and cannot operate, such as a suburb or a (non major metropolitan) college town? What about Chicago or Milwaukee? Besides getting incorporated and insured (is it the law for pedicabs?), are there any other hurtles that need to be addressed?

I now these more then likely sound like noob questions, but I am more then serious about this and would appreciate any helpful comments or constructive criticism.


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Hey if you find a good source for used pedicabs let me know. I would like to get a pedicab trailer for cheap.
I'm not an expert, not even in the pedicab business, but I have done a little internet searching regarding those questions as I have a rig on which I sometimes haul passengers.

And the answer is that the laws in question are going to be local laws. Primarily city ordinances. And Chicago is currently in a state of flux. As I understand it, right now Chicago pedicab operators typically do nothing more than get a city business permit. However, it sounds like we are not far away from a licensing system with likely requirements for 'vehicle' inspections, insurance, etc.

I read through the city code and it appeared to me that as written the city's anti-hitchhiking ordinance could be applied against bike taxis but I've never heard of that being done.


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