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This thread is to offer or request French specific parts, frames, complete bikes. 

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Does anyone have a set of Mafac Raids or Racers?
I'm getting rid of my Motobecane step through.  It needs a new bottom bracket/cotter pins.  I've added a front basket to it, new tires, new seat and other handy things.  It's really a pretty nice frame and has a three speed hub.  Oh, it also has matching fenders.  I'm just going to be moving and don't want to fix it myself.  It would be great to get $40 for it.


I recently saw a rear Racer among the caliper collection at Working Bikes. Presumably the front is in there somewhere, also. The rear one was in excellent shape.

I saw this on craigslist:

Peugeot PX10

$75.00 Cash

Size 58 cm Reynolds 531DB Tubing(Moly), Simplex Forged Dropouts.

Great for project, road bike, touring, commuter and fixie.

Needs a good touchup, decals in good shape, frame straight, no dents or dings.

Comes with Stronglight Headset and Bottom Bracket and Nervex Lugs(beautiful details).

Have Simplex shifters, front derailleur, rear derailleur, Weinmann Brakes and Ajax Stem and handlebar for $25.00 extra.

Email for more info. No Description of Item, No Response.


Please do not email with certified checks, money orders or proxy purchases.

Chicago 2400w 5500n

Oh no, I think I might see bicycle number 8.
The post is gone now. Did you get it?

Sadly, no. But I am looking to build up a second road bike.




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