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This was previously mixed in with general comments, but I thought it needed to be its own topic.

Please feel free to post your own reports if you have taken a ride on the trail.  If conditions are great, please tell us.  If you see broken glass, downed tree branches or other issues, please share that info, too.  

Please include specific locations with any problem reports (such as "broken glass just north of 115th St.," so we can use that info for service requests to the park district or forest preserve district.

We hope that you enjoy your rides on the trail and that sharing info here will help.

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I rode the trail this morning from 105th to 111th. Except for a few little bits of glass, the trail surface was REALLY CLEAN.  :)

What have you seen on your recent rides on the trail?

P.S.  107th St. is CLOSED to traffic east of the trail (by Jackie Robinson Park).  Looks like a continuation of the water/sewer construction that's been done further east over the last 2 years.

Over the weekend I rode the trail between 87th and 121st. Trail conditions were generally excellent. 

Other than a small amount of broken glass right at 111th St. (most of which I picked up), that whole length of trail was pretty much free of broken glass. Thank you Chicago Park District!


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