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Hey yall friend's of the 'ol FBC. There's been some preliminary discussion about the need for a Beer Ride. Nothing about this sounds bad to me. Quite the contrary.

The format would be something as follows:

Goose Island Tour + tasting then,

2-3 Craft Beer-focused bars (i.e. Hop Haus, Hopleaf, Long Room, etc) and have the beer purchaser on hand to host a taster flight and discussion about the the beers we taste. Then, stick around for a pint or two at each place. Ending destination: the beer garden at Sheffield's to put our new beer knowledge to use.

All transitions between bars to be done on two wheels, of course.

So, does anyone have any connections in any places like this to hook us up with tasters, beer discussions and possible discounts? I'm thinking maybe a Sunday afternoon in the first half of July.

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a nice ride could be goose, map room, long room, hopleaf. I would be more than happy to try and make any contacts necessary. Perhaps on an off night when we wouldn't be elbow to a**hole trying to get beers.

In NYC: "July is also a big month for beer; good beer, to be exact. This month, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg officially proclaimed July to be Good Beer Month in New York City. Approved good beer bars will get a Good Beer Seal. As a part of the month of good beer cheer, bar owners are encouraging patrons to Bike to the Bars, where they can enjoy artisanal beers, in moderation, of course." More here!
Ale-quaffing ride? I can leave my house in 30 minutes......

Matt Locaciato said:
my brother is a craft beer distributor for Hopleaf and Sheffields. you may get lucky on this one... me and him have a few spots all over the city with DRAFT good beer. on a side note, he is not the bike rider in the family so id have to have him make a few phone calls. please let me know if you are serious about a beer ride soon. ...and please be ready to drink a lot of beer.



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