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Would require fast work (mass is THIS Friday), but I'd like to suggest a "not straight" mass for June observing pride month.  Would use almost entirely diagonal (or wiggly or zigzag or discontinuous) streets.

I personally have no further specific thoughts yet (other than the obvious: Elston, Lincoln, Milwaukee, ...).  Just publishing the idea.  I think it was originally Dubi's a few years ago.

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This doesn't have to be diagonal.  The old queer chestnut is "Always forward; never straight!"

Avoid long straight paths on the diagonal streets.  This lets the mass spread out too much and winds up dividing the group.  We need routes that slow us down.

Too many cries of "Mass up!" on the last few rides.

don't like the title, weird to refer to homosexuality as "not straight", seems to reinforce the sense of "other". if it's about observing gay pride month, why not call it the Pride Ride? "Always forward; never straight!" would be a great tagline :)

/I've been procrastinating on a Tortoise & Hare multi-mass that has a 16 mile course for rabbits and an 11 mile course for turtles (everyone ends up at the same spot.)

GREAT great points.  So, someone wanna create it?


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