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Trail in good condition, very straight, well paved (no potholes, but at places a bit bumpy, where cracks were filled with bitumen). For the most part, you'll ride in the shade. Haven't noticed a lot of water fountains, so don't forget to have water with you.

The trail is long (20 miles or so) straight, in good shape, but somewhat boring. Frankfort, about halfway through has cute little downtown with some lunch options.

Pay attention at the highway crossing at the traffic light in Matteson. Drivers seemed to not expect me there.

I rode from Schoolhouse rd just beyond Frankfort 2 weeks ago. Easy ride. This is one of my more favorite trails i discovered lat year. I like the fact that it is paved, it is popular and there are plenty of places to stop for water, food & to view nature. I plan on riding this next Thursday May 8th depending on weather.

Ribbon Cutting

• New trail section connects OPRT with Thorn Creek Trail The IDNR and Forest Preserve District of Cook County plan to have a ribbon cutting celebration  November 1, 2015 at 1pm where the new eastern extension of the OPRT meets the new Thorn  Creek Trail. One-half mile south of Route 30 on Campbell Ave. in Chicago Heights

Cool! And not only that: looks like two parts of the Thorn Creek Trail have finally been connected and extended to the trail in the Brownwell Woods.


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