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This Discussion is to provide up-to-date information regarding the Desplaines River Trail. As you ride it, provide a brief report here

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Just a late October update on DPRT conditions.

Recent rains have flooded the DPRT.

The DPRT is in beautiful shape. George Garner Cycles donated a repair station on the DPRT between 176 and 137.

Des Plaines River Trail Questions

What is the history of the Des Plaines River Trails in Cook county? I used plural because there are two trails; South section that crosses Golf road and North section that crosses Central Avenue. A rider cannot legally get from one section to the other even though the gap is around 100 ft. On the north section there are masonry bridges that are at least 50 years old. There is 2013 mention here on Chainlink of riding stables.

Historically was there a grade crossing between the trails? It seems illogical for masonry bridges to be built on a trail that has a legally impassable gap. My guess is there was a crude grade crossing with a pair of the X railroad crossing markers. Does anybody know if there was one?

I rode the Lake Cook Road to the Des Plaines Metra section for my first time last week. I distinctly remember riding to the railroad barrier south of Central Avenue. I cannot legally recall if I crossed there or if I turned around and went back to Central Avenue and joined the trail again at the corner of Golf and Bender.

Here is a link to a possible elegant future solution:

Based on my living near the Navy Pier Flyover since 2008, here is a link that may be more relevant.

See you on the road


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