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Howdy all,

I am planning on biking from Seattle to around 400 miles south of San Francisco this summer.  Traveling is more fun with a companion, so I'm posting on various forums.  I will head out there around July 8th or so and come back around August 25th.  I am planning on doing a pretty budget trip, around 50-75 miles a day and camping or couchsurfing every night (have a tent, stoves, pots to share).  I'm 26 and don't have much touring experience, though I did do eight days on the Oregon coast last summer. On the scale of laid back to super-intense, I lean much more to the former.  Let me know if you're interested.

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You can try contacting Jami, she's touring this summer, but I believe she's planning on doing a trans america route.

She's in Seattle now- you should contact her!! I believe she's doing that route too this summer.

This sounds like an amazing ride I have the Pacific coast on my list. Unfortunately I already commited to RAGBRAI IN THE 3RD WEEK of July. Best of luck and safe travels.


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