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Hi all,

I'm currently teaching classes and hosting casual discussions about bike touring.  Check out the info below.

About me:  In the summer of 2010 I did a crazy solo trip on a fix-geared bike from Chicago to San Francisco over 39 days through tough country, and camping most of the time.  I only had a few 50-mile bike rides to my name before then.  It gave me insights I'd like to share with first-time tourers and veterans alike (it suffices to say I learned from mistakes and discovered interesting things along the way!).  Check out the class websiteSo you want to bike across the country? (or anywhere else)

I'm also writing an anecdotal guide/book on the experience, as a creative outlet and as a means to share some interesting insights with first-time tourers.  I think there are many guide books out there that get into the mechanical, gritty details of preparing for touring.  However, most are written by seasoned professionals.  That means they've long-forgotten some of the less mechanical concerns of the first-time tourer.  As a recent first-time cross-country tourer, my goal is to share stories and entertain people to prepare them with the lessons I learned on the road.  I'd love to have feedback from people on their fears and concerns about touring.  Post away!

*I've attached the introduction to the book if you're looking for a short read*

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I really like the idea, but I don't see when is the new class?  The last one was listed as March 17th.

Hey Rob, glad to hear.  There are two upcoming classes scheduled at the moment:  March 24 and April 7th.  They're listed on the right hand corner of the page.  (There should be a large green Enroll button).  Let me know if you continue to have issues.

ya... duh!  lol.



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