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This thread will be used as a sort of notepad to collect witnessed and unusual theft reports-- take a look if you see new activity-- this sort of info has been very elusive until recently.

A victim sent along this photo today-- thieves basically wrecked the bike rack in front of her building (near Diversey and Kedzie) to get her bike:

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Alright. It's not really an unusual or witnessed theft, but if this email doesn't give you a warm fuzzy, you're made of stone:


Hi, Howard. I contacted you back in December when my Jamis touring bike was stolen. Unfortunately, it's still at large, but how cool was it that I was the good Samaritan who returned [admin delete]'s Miyata to her? I was actually on my way home from the bike shop with the new bike that replaced my stolen Jamis when I happened upon the unlocked Miyata leaning against a tree. I figured it was stolen, so I whipped out my phone and looked up the site. The Miyata listing was at the top of the page. The Stolen Bike Registry works! When people know about it. I've certainly been trying to publicize it.

Thanks for everything. I keep hoping I'll find that Jamis.

[admin delete]

[admin delete]
Chicago, IL 60611

Cable lock defeated by a brick.

Stood and watched bike being stolen.

Security stills not clear enough for more than general thief description but he matches what some of you may remember as "Panama Jack."


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