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From the Oak Park Cycle Club (Roger Masson):  Ride takes place on April 8th. Breweries to be visited: Dovetail, Begyle, Half Acre & Empirical. Dovetail has a brewery tour at 11 AM. We are crashing my homebrew club's pub crawl. Depart from Starbucks by Lake and Oak Park at 9:45 AM (NEW TIME!) - meet earlier to caffeinate if you like.   Cue sheet at Overall mileage is about 20.   UPDATE from Roger:  "We will probably skip Half Acre because it is impossible to get in there on a Saturday."


Thanks, Bill.

Im looking for a ride Sunday, 4/23/17. Any ideas? 

It's been a while since my last ride south-east... Wanna go there? As far as Griffith, at least. Either ride back or to Flossmoor?

see the main "comment wall"

Not neues Bier, but a summer ride to Estabrook Beer Garden (FB) in Milwaukee could be fun.  Amtrak home late.

Ha. Eeeenteresting... :)

Speaking of plans...

I'm thinking of where to ride next June. Something less ambitious this time, no more than a week, 10 days max.

Revisit SE Michigan? Or follow the eastern edge of the Mitten? Or...

Wold anyone like to join me this time?

How about something like that for the next June?

"Coming this Fall!" (4014 N Rockwell)

Short Fuse Brewing Company in Schiller Park is holding a Bike N Brew event on May 15th.



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