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Hey Winter Bikers,

As I hate wearing gym shoes in the rain, as they act more like sponges than shoes I was curious if my fellow winter cyclists can recommend a decent all weather shoe.

I am looking for a shoe rather than a boot, and want these to be for other things besides biking, so I am not looking for a clipless shoe.

Anybody come across some solid stuff?



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Anything with Gore-tex or Thinsulate is good. both, if you can get footwear with them.

I wear Matterhorn boots in the wintertime. Matterhorn can be a bit pricey, but they have many styles of boots and shoes and they are worth it. My first pair of Matterhorn boots lasted nine years. I will be on the third winter of my second pair now.
Good shoe recommendations, thanks everyone. Adrian I am going to check out those sealskinz.

If you want to look business casual these waterproof Rockport oxfords are pretty low-key. They look good for at least a year. (After that they make you look like a guy who isn't too hung up on how he looks.) They obviously don't cut it during drenchers but they're ok for lighter rain or shorter commutes.

I got my Rockports for around $90 at Alamo Shoes in Andersonville.
I wear BOGS too - they're boots, but I felt like sharing my love for that brand. Completely waterproof, comfortable, and warm. I love, love love, Bogs!

Amber K said:
Ivan said:
Hey, had the same problem 2 winters ago and stumbled across BOGS or BOGGS made for fishing and stuff they breath well and are super tough.
-ride on

I have a pair of BOGS as well. They are great. A little funny looking, but who cares if they keep your feet dry and warm.
I wear these in the fall (or Neos) and change over into my winter hiking boots for temps below 30 degree down to temps of -40.
Since trump has been broken on suggesting boots...

$40 Extreme Cold Weather Army boot. I wear them for dog-sledding in Minnesota at like - 30 F. They are all rubber boots. But they have a felt layer that is completely sealed off by the rubber. So you can sweat while standing in a puddle and the insulation still stays 100% dry. Even fleece/wool lose some insulation power when damp. You can mimic the effect in other waterproof boots. Start with polypro liner socks inside plastic inside fleecey socks. Either way, your feet won't be wet so much as bathed in steam heat.



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