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ok i admit it!....

Yeah. I miss riding in the winter!

Here in the Dr. Mambohead Auxiliary Analog Laboratory our tame gutter-gnomes have been hard at work for the approaching Winter season... They've washed all the fleece... Dealt with the Mt. Skidmore of long underwear. Their latest fixation?

Q: Has anyone bicycled "Toys for Tots"? Could we? lo, should we (dare we?) see if we could bike along w/"Toys for Tots"?!?

Think of the cargo bike fun!

any interest?

too scary?

Look, i ain't sittin' around. Brothers and Sisters! The time is now! Only one more full Season remains until official Winter Biking fun begins!!!!

What's next for Dr. M?...

Sources say the gutter gnomes are lobbying the FDA for approval of a bagel schmeer that is ALSO a tire/tube patch!!!

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the amlings thing sounds good too!
thank you!

Lisa Curcio said:

Maybe you already know this, but Amlings Cycles has a ride for bikes planned on Friday, December 14:

And here is a link to the web site for the motorcyle folks which is scheduled for December 2:

In as far as I am empowered to make that call, represent for Bike Winter if you think that will help.

But I'm seeing your projected "no" response as a mandate....

Only caveat: a significant percentage of thoe gnarly old bikers are cops, so it's not quite the same as the Rat Patrol crashing the S. Side Irish parade.

bk (aka: Dr. Mambohead) said:

true dat.. re: capacity

TfT's board meeting is tonight at vfw near argo, 63rd w of harlem. I spoke with one of their honcho's... at first he summarily said 'no' but then?... invited me to submit the idea as new biz at their meeting... where he felt they would likely say no.

the harley marine corps event guy invoked the holy names of insurance, liability... registered vehicals... etc etc as to why we possibly could not ride.

born to be wild? i guess.

ok, now i am bird-dogging this. if anyone wants a piece of the fun? i am going to their meeting. pls co-ordinate with me.

h-may i speak as a rep of the 'bike winter' family?


h' said:

Cool, let me know. Not sure how much excess organizational capacity WBC might have at the moment.

we all roll around the same meat grinder... my dad, bros were in the service... bro's wife died as result of injuries car v harley...

....into the lions den!!!!!

oh and h' sent me

lisa is right

same folks. i am a goof

thanks all
burnt sierra alert downgraded

bk (aka: Dr. Mambohead) said:
the amlings thing sounds good too!
thank you!

Lisa Curcio said:

Maybe you already know this, but Amlings Cycles has a ride for bikes planned on Friday, December 14:

And here is a link to the web site for the motorcyle folks which is scheduled for December 2:

I am old and not good at deciphering--what did the last post mean?

Did you go to the motorcycle meeting?  Did they say no?

happy friday special: 99% less code!

sorry L!

after a phone call? yeah the vigor of my bird dog flat-lined when the idea started to feel not fun.
no meeting yet attended!

however? there are 2 more board meetings, 3rd tues of each month, with which we/i could present the new biz.

the parade leaves in numbers of waves, and that number always fluctuates. if we were the last wave? parade speed? how spiritual would that be?

look, i can easily become re-enamoured with my obviously brilliant, yet somehow hair-brained idea....

two things shy(d) me off .... #1) when "health and safety" bureaucratic buzz-kill bugaboos kick a cramp-stain in my fun drawers.... and B) at least for sept? dr mambohead wasn't flying solo at their pow-wow

there are still miles to go before i sleep... uh oh!!!.. enigma machine activated!... incoming data..

.....perhaps a coded quote from the 'red green show'?

"i am a man... and i can change... if i have to... i guess..." -Oath

Here's what I got:

You made a phone call (?)

yeah... that score sounds kinda stark...

i am peddling as hard as i can dude

if someone goes with me it would be easier with a kindred spirit
...... there i said it

dude it is like four of us noodling this meatball.... my last "event" like four people rode.... blessings... of course!
but what the h do i know.... no pun intended!

i wasn't fully prepared last tues... way out of my wheelhouse

it ain't "no" until they gavel our "new biz"

So here is my completely uneducated and inexperienced 2 cents:

No matter what, I will do Amlings--already registered.  They are organized, they like bicycles, it is a good cause, it is only 12 miles and they end up not too far from where I live at a place with breakfast and hot coffee.  No competing with motorcycle folks.

Toys for Tots motorcycle ride: They are well-organized and I suspect they would not seriously consider adding bicycles without a real plan to integrate a bicycle ride along with their ride.  To have a real plan one would need to understand how their ride works. There is probably not enough time to figure it all out.  (Only a little over two months!) 

Maybe an approach for now would be to go to a meeting, ask if they would give it consideration for next year if there were a plan to be proposed, and go from there.  Then there would be time to galvanize interest and organizing power.

So, you get what you pay for and this was only 2 cents.

ok thanks!!! groovy.... amlings.... for sure!

ps: at my last check?... chainlink did not yet have an event listed for the amlings ride... I vote Lisa gets the glory! Otherwise, if no? my tame gutter gnomes may write something when the mood is just right.

... and more info on the western av fantasia feasibilty in a couple of weeks!

thanks all

Posted!  Have a look and let me know if you or the gutter gnomes think I should put anything else in there.

re: gnome opinion.... oy! i am still trying to defuse the blow-back after their inflammatory rhetoric before the lolipop guild!



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