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whats your preferrence, and why?


and which brands do you recommend?


how do you deal with a leg warmer that simply does not want to stay up?

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In that case, here's the link. And I just bought a pair for Shay - which I'll probably test, too :)

That's just to make up for the many things that men can buy at a relatively low cost but women can't because fashion designers make them expensive for women. :-)

Seriously--not fleece lined, but I think Costco still has some men's merino/synthetic blend base layer pants and shirts for less than $20 each.
JustWill said:

Sooo... women has this no-name fleece-lined tights that don't cost more than a pair of gloves. Meanwhile, us men has to resort to PI or Sugoi, or Specialized brands that are upwards of $80 in price.


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