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2013 Bike Winter Mascot/Sticker Design competition-- Voting has ended!

No less than 16 submissions-- amazing!

Vote here:

Please take the time to consider the posted criteria before voting.

Huge thanks to Andrew B for hours of work setting up the poll to my nitpicky satisfaction.

Remember that the overarching goal of the Bike Winter effort to to get the message to as many people as possible that you don't have to put your bike away for the winter, so feel free to reach out to your social networks and spread the word about this vote.

The poll is currently set to close Friday, but time is short to get stickers done in time to distribute at the 15th Anniversary Chicago Critical Mass on September 28, so if there's a clear leader by Wednesday we may have to run with it-- so don't wait!

Edit 9/15: See last post

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Over 200 votes presently.

Gotta say, it's been funner n' hell watching the votes come in.   Especially when things quiet down for a while and then comes a sudden burst of votes for basically the same sticker coming in from around the country :-)

200+ votes?  woah!  how does that compare to years previous?

Over 300 now. Last year's ending total was 406.

Gross estimate maybe 5% are repeat/duplicate votes-- will be factored in (or is that factored out) before final tally.  Some stickers have more repeat voters than others-- who'da thunk? :-)

Just hit 406 votes!  I'll put out a last blast for votes tonight.  Some pretty clear trends that have mostly been stable since the voting started, although some mildly unexpected jockeying for position in the last 8 hours or so.  You can kind of see who's got the social network hookups :-)

Many thanks to all who participated! 

And especially to those who spread the word about the vote; hopefully a lot of folks exposed to the idea of year-round biking for the first time through your efforts.

The creator of the winning sticker has been informed (and has responded, so, it's not like the e-mail is stuck in your spam folder or something if you didn't get it)... so sorry to be the bad guy to the rest of you, but-- better luck next year!

It would be kind of fun to build a little suspense around the sticker release at the Sept 28 15th Anniversary Chicago Critical Mass ride, so I'd appreciate it if folks could keep the public effort to figure out who the winner is to a minimum... If you really need to know just how well, or how poorly your sticker placed, contact me at and I'll give you the details.

Congrats to the mystery winner!

Stickers have shipped!

Something pretty awful would have to happen to them for them not to be ready to distribute at next Friday's big ride.



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