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I am looking for other builders to work out of our shop, we have some limited tools steel chop saw, grinder, pipe bender, no jigs. I am borrowing Todd A.'s mig welder. and am slowly collecting more tools. We also have a storefront across from kumas korner where we could display and sell bikes and things your building. I am looking for any and every option right now, so let me know or pass the word.

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Gosh the overwhelming response sorta just puts ya back on yer heels...

I recently moved outta the hood (western/Irving) but would still be able to work outta a shop in that area if you still had space. My move had me divest allot of my goodies but I'm still loade with a bunch of consumer grade crap but no frames. My new place (Gladstone Park) has storage but limited work space or work space but no storage and if I get back into tinkering one or the other has to give.

I'm new to CLink but have been rattling around the Chicago bike community fer a while, I've built new bikes as a sub contractor and still do many of my friends bike work with the skills I have.

Let me know what the atory is as to if this is still viable, and perhaps we can discuss the sitchuation.


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