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These will now be posted in the calendar but are usually the first and third monday of the month from 9:30 until Midnightish.  This is a social bike building worshop.  We build bikes.  We argue about whether one band is metal or not.  We might or might not drink beers while building,  We often cut out early.  I often come 10 minutes late.  It is relaxed and there is no stress and none aloud.


There are bikes that require building and maintenance as part of our regular fleet of rides, but we also work on wheel building, repair, customization, full-builds for our regulars. It's a pretty relaxed way to learn a bit about bike repair, maintenance, etc in a social atmosphere. 


That lacks heat and plumbing by the way.


Now listen.  This isn't hard. 


You need to call me to get the location. 


Not hard...773-255-6347.  Please don't send me a text or a message or an email.


Call on the phone.


Thanks and hope to see you there. 


Cheers - Lee

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No build night on 7.19 folks. Sorry and see you next month..,.. - Lee

Well before I break out me dialing gloves I figger I'd drop a line and find out if the Monday madness is still a bi-weekly kinda thang or if the schedule has been modified. I'll keep an eye out here and if it looks like there is still life in the concept I'll give ya a ringy-dingy.


The Chicagoan

Is this still going on? If yes, what part of town is in?


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