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Mine is a Lady's Rudge - me on the right %-{)> Send in your photos!!!!

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My last 2 builds:


I have a black 1957 Raleigh 3-speed. We just picked up a 1974 Raleigh 3-speed for my wife from Mike's Bikes of Oak Park during the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. It's a beauty! Pristine condition. Beautiful blue paint job. We both love the convenience of the Sturmey Archer hub gears.
I'm new to the BBC, and must give thanks to James Blackheron for helping to tune up my British Steel, a 1972 Raleigh Sports with coaster brake, c.1970 Schwinn child seat, and recently added VO Porteur rack. It does a terrific job carrying me, my daughter, and our bags on our morning commute to school each morning. Looking forward to joining a Tweed Ride sometime soon.

I just picked up this little beauty.  I am told it is from 1962!  Can't wait for the tweed ride.

That bike is drop-dead gorgeous Lisa!

Alloy levers & calipers, and 36-spoke wheels lead me to believe that the date is probably  closer to 1970-ish, perhaps a few years earlier with the oiler hub in front.    Look at the date stamped on the rear hub which might give you a pretty good indication as to when it was produced if it is still original.

Lisa Curcio 4.0 mi said:

I just picked up this little beauty.  I am told it is from 1962!  Can't wait for the tweed ride.


The hub is dated 2 62.  It has forged front fork ends, last used by Raleigh in 1962.  It has the plastic Sturmey pulley first used by Raleigh in 1962. It has the chaincase brazeon last used by Raleigh in 62.  It is a 62.  As best as I know the brake levers and brake calipers were replaced because they were rusted at a totally different level than the rest of the bike. Alloy looks much better against chrome than rust.  And it is Brit 40/32 spoking. The pedals w/reflectors do give it a 1970 look but they are good clean pedals and are so much safer than old pedals I made no effort to find something more correct. The saddle is off an old Triumph, I think late '60s. Glad you're having so much fun.


James,  See John's post, and the terrible photo I just took of the hub in which you can almost see the 62!

And, thanks, John.  I have been so excited about this bike that I had forgotten all of the details you already told me!  I am indeed having fun.  From the little bit of riding I have been able to do--it is a dream.

I just finished overhauling my 1936 Raleigh Golden Arrow. Rode it 20 miles last Sunday. SMOOTH!


Here's the as-good-as-I-could-get-it paint job on my newly acquired early '70s DL-1. The million or so garbagey stickers came off grudgingly, and one of them left so much goo behind that I wound up buffing most of the way through the paint (YIKES!) to get it off. 

The brightwork, though, looks amazing. 

No wheels in this picture because the spokes were in terrible shape. I cut them all out, and the front is now re-laced with shiny new (boy are they long!) spokes. The rear wheel is on the to-do list. Once it's done, it should stay true pretty much forever, what with being a 40-spoke 4-cross pattern. Never done one like that before.

I had to re-build the front hub because the axle was bent, but Yellow Jersey had the exact parts in ready supply. So that was cool. 

This poor bike is just dying to get out on the road! Life gets in the way, unfortunately.



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