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Divvy Temporarily Closed for Snow

Just got this email, so don't plan to ride Divvy home today:       Good morning. Due t…

Started by Thunder Snow in Bikes and Bicycling

255 Jan 9, 2014
Reply by Duppie

So, besides obsessively reading chainlink...

What does everyone do for a living? I work at a construction company on Ashland and Armitage as a project administrator - where swearing i…

Started by Dana in General Discussion (not bike related)

240 Nov 26, 2013
Reply by Adam Herstein

Hey Chainlink, know what I think is lame?

When a website that claims to be promoting local cycling in the city of Chicago has a banner ad for a site which is one of the many interne…

Started by Doug Haynes in Bikes and Bicycling

219 Jan 14, 2012
Reply by Joe Willis

Is the heat keeping anyone off the bike?

I rode in to work today, and now I'm thinking I might have to bus it half the way home.  I live about 7 miles from my office which really i…

Started by Rachel Miller in Bikes and Bicycling

216 Jul 12, 2017
Reply by Ernesto Lube

So do we even have any form of moderation here?

So after the amazing shit show that was Gabe and Michelle crapping all over the message board here I think it is a good time to ask this qu…

Started by Doug Haynes in Bikes and Bicycling

214 Sep 7, 2014
Reply by Doug Haynes

Mayoral Candidates - Who Is Bike Savvy? Thoughts?

When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options: Mendoza Lightfoot Eniya Let's use this t…

Started by Yasmeen in Chicago Cycling News and Topics

203 Apr 24, 2019
Reply by Tom A.K.

Pet Peeves Among the Pedals

Not about pedestrians, not about motorists, just about our fellow cyclists. We are all so different that stuff is bound to frustrate when w…

Started by Yasmeen in Chicago Cycling News and Topics

197 Aug 10, 2017
Reply by curt(is) locke

car starts to weave into your lane, you knock/bang to get their attention... they are a cop...

I saw a car stoped askew and a bicyclist down when I got to Desplanes and Washington this morning. I recognized the cyclist as someone whom…

Started by Ben R. in Bikes and Bicycling

197 Jun 14, 2016
Reply by Yasmeen

2013 Winter Biking: What I Learned Today

So, not trying to take over for the I Rode Today forum, but it's got a million comments, so let's start a Winter Bike thread for this seaso…

Started by Bill Savage in Bikes and Bicycling

190 Oct 28, 2013
Reply by Adam Herstein

Celebs on bikes

I think it would be fun to assemble a picture/video archive representing movie-stars, musicians, politicians, etc ... on a BIKE. My pick is…

Started by cutifly in Bikes and Bicycling

186 Apr 18, 2018
Reply by Alex Z


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