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Your Input Welcome: Who is this penny-farthing guy? What's your must-wear tip for fall bike fashion?

hi, there...   long time since posting but fall is upon us and i am writing about "bike fashion" for fall (if you have a must-wear tip for men or women please add it here as a comment or text me with a photo, name and description to 773 960 3997. Many thanks to all Chainlink "winter warriors" who shared tips over the winter:

in other news, i am trying to track down the rider of an old-fashioned penny-farthing bike.  Does anyone know whom this guy is? If so, can you put me in touch?  photo credit to Tim Inklebarger 

many thanks and happy cycling!

UPDATE 10/5: Thanks to Julie Keating, who connected me to Paul Schmidt, who connected me to Cary Williams, who then gave me Joseph Kelley's deets.  Chainlink cited in 3rd paragraph:

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Yep, I know who he is.  I've sent him an email letting him know that you are looking for him.

Thanks, Brendan. I just found him on Thursday night. Apologies for not updating post sooner. Wrote 18 stories last week and was swamped. Joe K. The High Wheeling rider and bike fashion stories should both be coming this week!
Music teacher at my son's school. I'm amazed that he keeps it locked up outside during the day on the west side and so far it doesn't look like it's been messed with. And every day after school he gives demonstrations to those interested on mounting/dismounting/riding and answering general questions. My son loves that it is so different from our cargo bike.

Too big to carry, can't ride it like a regular bicycle?

The last photo in the article is me. There are probably more of these bikes around than you realize. I would ride it to work more often than I do but my commute is 28 miles round trip so it's a rare occasion. I rode with Joe shortly at critical mass about two months ago. He seems like a nice guy and it's good to see more people out turning heads on these bikes.


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