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There is so much wrong with this parking job, the least of which is the sidewalk being blocked for able pedestrians, elderly people, strollers, and kids riding their bikes. Even worse, notice the sign the pedicab is locked to and the fact the the pedicab is parked completely IN the handicap spot. How is a handicap person supposed to maneuver around this bike? What if they need to get to the passenger side? What if they are in a wheel chair that needs to be put in the trunk?  If anyone knows this person, kindly inform them of how their actions affect others who are less fortunate than them. There are deer antlers affixed to the handlebars, if that helps you identify the owner of the pedicab. Also, it should be noted about 20 feet away, the sidewalk is much larger and can accommodate a pedicab parked on the sidewalk affixed to a pole there.

As someone with a handicap mother and who once had a temporary handicap placard myself, when I see complete disregard for handicap spaces, it really upsets me. The owner of the space last week affixed a sign to both polls, asking cyclists to not lock their bikes to these polls and to please be considerate given the circumstances. Thus, I think it's safe to assume the person with the pedi-cab is not affiliated with the owner of the handicap spot.  

Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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No idea what that ad stuff is or how to get rid of it, sorry...

You seem to want to ignore the fact that there are multiple things, potentially dangerously, wrong with that parking job other than the fact that the passenger compartment is clearly within the street space allocated for the disabled. You really seem to be trying to pull out daemons that don't exist from in between the lines from what was obviously supposed to be one individual reaching out to the community to solve the issue. I also have no idea why you seem to want to be so overly accommodating to making excuses for this pedicab driver given you yourself admit a lack of personal knowledge about the incident and I very much doubt the same concessions would be given to a motorist parking in street space reserved for the handicapped. Seriously, barking at OP like a guard dog is an overreaction to whatever nerve about pedicabs got rubbed here and the derail was just terribly nonconstructive.

h' 1.0 said:

It was pretty apparent that this has been an ongoing problem, and it was pretty apparent through the follow-up post that the owner had ignored a sign asking the conduct to stop.


The OP was clearly framed to give that impression, but I think you should read it again. There is no actual information in this thread as to how long this particular pedicab was locked there.


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