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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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Ha! My wife was the same way. The price we'll pay to keep our hands warm,eh?

Julie Hochstadter said:

You boyfriend thinks you are a bit crazy for spending 60 dollars on a pair of winter gloves.

I had a funny dream two days ago, it still makes me giggle.

I'm driving in a very subcompact car.  Like you, some times when I do drive a car I'll  take routes that I would normally be biking on.  So I'm going along, next thing you know I'm operating the car on a bike path.  Think LFP minus the lake.  And I'm getting sneered at too.  The looks are from women bike drivers and their dominating me while I drive the car on the bike path.  They almost make me crash into a brick wall with a fast pitch rectangle drawn on it.  After I narrowly avoid the the brick wall crash and awaken.  Those looks were piercing, deadly menacing too! 

Is my anima putting me on notice?  :)

You consider not hanging your bike back on a hook just cause you like the way your wheels look....

(I typically hang my road bike when I come home.  It's been collecting dust up until the last few days of nice weather we've had.

I am realizing how much I like the look of those huge road wheels in comparison to the frame and any of my other commuter/folding bikes.)  This may be better under the bike porn thread....

You drive the speed limit and use your blinker.

so true.

Adam "Cezar" Jenkins said:

You drive the speed limit and use your blinker.

you have bike tools next to your eating utensils while at the dinner table

You look before you open the car door curbside when arriving at a hotel near ohare.

EVERY ONE OF THESE... wow lol minus the frayed right leg... que #1

You use a Campagnolo peanut butter wrench as a spoon for yogurt, kimchi,  rice, etc, or  as a spreading knife for all sorts of soft foods, as a stirring tool, and to occasionally loosen a crank arm bolt. 

When this video is you explaining your behavior

You refer to a mile or two as just down the street.



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