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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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When you feel somewhat conflicted about seeing more cyclists in the spring.

Its nice to see more riders but now there is more to look out for.

16) you're getting a semi-permanent bike helmet crease on forehead


When you're tanned all over except for your hands, which are really tanned in some parts and really not tanned in others. (Extra points if you have tanned circles the size of air vents on your head.)

When you're happy to have worn holes in your fancy wool socks, because now you have arm warmers.

When you have water bottles around that your kids know never, ever to drink out of because they permanently smell of some kind of foul energy drink powder.

When you frequently wear shoes that cost more than everything else you have on put together.

When you keep a spare supply of orange traffic cones in your basement so you can mark off really big potholes in your neighborhood.

When you wish all your shirts had 3 pockets in back.
--Your coworkers say to you,  "I know, I know...'Its just RAIN!'"

you crash and your first question is...How's my bike?


When you hang out at the bike shop and no one expects you to buy anything.


Riding a bike through a big, congested city and feeling smarter than everyone else because you're moving.


You stop midride to give your only spare tube to a stranded cyclist.


Getting a bike stolen and being surprised at how deeply it hits you.


Discovering that a shot of Jameson in each bottle keeps the water fluid.




I totally have to stop myself from doing this constantly now.

Eduardo Acosta said:
9) When you drive through red lights on that rare occasion when you're driving your car.
When you ask your significant other, "Do these bib shorts make my ass look fat?"
when you garage is more like a bicycle harem then a garage
When you take showers in your office bathroom...with a paper towel.
Watching cyclists ride around a track at 25 MPH+ for an hour doesn't bore you at all...
Upon discovering your bike was stolen, take the train to your bike shop and buy another one so you have transportation to work tomorrow . . .



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