23.4 after the Weather Be Damned ride. extrapolation for 2021: 8541!

Bob Kastigar you did the same thing as last year?

i'm open to someone else starting this thread, but the proper title isn't title case and isn't a question. :-)

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at the front of the pack in 2021, based on what's been posted so far, "+" = more than last year, "++" = personal best:

11181 100% outside MagMileMarauder January 2 +
7474 100% outside Patricia Unsinn December 31
5620 100% outside curt(is) locke January 1
5065 Brett Miller December 31
3503 DerferMark January 1

special recognition goes to MMM for managing to maraud even more miles than last year and to Brett for keeping his amazing streak alive. here's to riding far and staying healthy in 2022!


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