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23.4 after the Weather Be Damned ride. extrapolation for 2021: 8541!

Bob Kastigar you did the same thing as last year?

i'm open to someone else starting this thread, but the proper title isn't title case and isn't a question. :-)

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July ends with 705 road miles and 4 Perimeter Rides on the month, taking me to 3,214 miles and 14 PRs Y-T-D. With 5 months left on the year and now trailing Curt(is)2020 by 2,159 miles, this past month is where I was truly dropped by last year's performer when I completed 14 PRs in just July!

6683 outdoor miles

3522.0 miles cycled in 2021 after 448.8 miles (433.6 outdoor / 15.2 indoor) in August.

689 consecutive days cycled since 10/13/2019!

4951.3 outdoor miles YTD

  1. 7583 outdoor miles

Catching up with record-keeping -- August ended with a winter month-like performance of a modest 389 miles and NO Perimeters, inching me up to 3,603 miles Y-T-D.

glad to hear you're still out there!

Thanks -- I haven't disappeared -- yet. Just acquired a new hole in my head from Craigslist -- a vintage Daccordi Italian steel road bike with a hot September sherbet sunset patina and chrome stays.

1720.6 after Ninth Step Oaktoberfest and Closing Night Almost-Century. extrapolation for 2021 up to 2343.4.

5647.3 outdoor miles ytd 

8666 outdoor miles

 3995.4 miles cycled in 2021 after 473.4 miles (454.4 outdoor / 19.0 indoor) in Septemer.

719 consecutive days cycled since 10/13/2019!



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