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WSJ does not seem to like the new bike share program in NY

You have to watch the video

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Yeah, reminded me of Quoffee Twolk with Linda Richman:)

jolondon30 said:

It's like an SNL sketch..I thought it was one.

"Sharing", "public transportation", and "less fossil fuels" are all terrifying concepts to Dorothy.

I was watching this and thought this was the Onion not WSJ.

I was looking for a place to make comments on the WSJ website about the video, but it can't be found.

"Do not ask me to enter the mind of the totalitarians running this government of the city."

And that's Dorothy's opening line!  It just gets better.

And apparently it's a fire hazard as well because fire trucks can't get into subways because of the Citibank bike racks being in the way.  Well done WSJ "journalist!"

Mean, old, spoiled, arrogant rich people?  Best to ignore the rantings of the 1%.



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