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I just sent this to Mike Quigley:


"Congressman Mike Quigley,

I have lived in Chicago now for over 3 years, having moved from Detroit back in October of 2007.  One of the main things I have come to value here is the high quality of life.  This is due by in large, personally, to the great bicycle infrastructure and culture that exists in Chicago and beyond.  I would like to see this reinforced by your legislation through more funding to support bicycle lanes, road signs and education programs.  Chicago is one of the few cities where people can actually live without being slaves to motorized travel and not only does this make for less traffic and pollution, but healthier and more active people.  Represent this segment of your base by advocating for more programs that can seek, for example, to repave Halsted, which has one of the most neglected bike lanes in the entire city.  The bike culture, community and way of life are one of the main reasons why I value where I live.  It is truly unique compared to most of America and it is one of the reasons your area is so special, especially to me.


Aaron Bussey"

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Thank you Aaron!


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Glad to see someone taking on these kinda jobs on their own. WooT! Go activism!


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