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Would anyone be willing to lend a bike for (~4 months) the summer/sell cheaply??

Hey Everyone -


So maybe this is a call to the Gods/Goddesses/Everything Holy, but... Would anyone be willing to lend my friend a bike for the summer and/or sell a semi-decent bike cheaply? 


Here's the low down...  My friend and I did the Chicago Triathlon last year with a training group/charity and a bunch of us are going for the Steelhead 70.3 Half Ironman this year.  He's very on the fence about doing this race, mainly based on the cost of the expensive sport of triathlon.  His bike was 'okay' for the Chicago Tri last year (he paid very little for it on Criagslist), but for the half ironman, it's not going to cut it.  So I'm throwing it out there to see if anyone has a bike lying around that they would be willing to lend out for ~4 months this year to him or possibly 'rent' it for that time or even sell it, pending on price.  I would say he's 5'10" or so, and preferably not a mountain bike at the very least.  Just something that's going to get him through months of training and 56 miles of riding during the race.


He's not on Chainlink and I didn't even tell him I was trying this crazy idea...  So please message me/respond and we'll see what sort of responses I get.


Thank you!!


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Guess I get to play Goldilocks to Iggi's Papa Bear and Howard's Momma Grizzly. I'm looking for a 56, 57 or 58 and can't go taller or shorter than that. Sad, because the Basso is otherwise perfect. And, Howard, if I could afford that lovely Waterford and if it grew a couple centimeters. . .


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