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I just ran across this:,28804,1658545_1657...

In a list that mostly showcases the lemons of an industry, I found it interesting that they would mention the car that is considered the Car of the Century as one of the 50 worst cars of all time. 

This line especially:

"A century later, the consequences of putting every living soul on gas-powered wheels are piling up, from the air over our cities to the sand under our soldiers' boots."


You think the Bicycle could ever be so damned?

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Nah, just some of the neo-Luddites that ride them, for whom smug superiority is as much a part of their kit as a helmet. Bikes are supposed to be fun, cheap, convenient and healthy transportation. Making biking political isn't about promoting biking, it's about sounding cool to those inside your bubble without caring about the collateral damage of turning the rest of the world off.


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