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Well, we didn't make the cut

And Wikipedia keeps changing the criteria. Chicago used to be ranked just below New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. Now we've been relegated to 3rd tier status. We're even outranked by Dubai and that was probably mostly because of the Burj Khalifa. It's been downhill ever since the Sears Tower was renamed.

Geez, talk about decapitation. I'm going to be depressed now for the rest of the day, for sure. 

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Any list that has Dubai on it is not worth being on.

"According to the census conducted by the Statistics Centre of Dubai, the population of the emirate was 1,771,000 as of 2009, which included 1,370,000 males and 401,000 females."


Hmmmm, and they have about a quarter million serfs living in squalor building their world class city. One thing for sure though, they can't beat our world class murder rate, we rival Baghdad for that honor. 

Thanks, though. I feel a little better now.


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