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To everyone who supported us whether it was through volunteering, spreading the word, or just good thoughts, thank you very much.  Our First Annual "Women Bike Chicago--a Day of Dialogue and Demos" was well attended and we heard good things from those who attended.  You will be hearing more from us!

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Michelle, GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!!!

Active Transportation Alliance said:

Congrats to all, we heard it was wonderful...can't wait until next year!

Michelle's article just posted:


Ethan Spotts, Active Trans

Thanks Ethan,

And Julie- Don't forget Kathy Schubert who along with Lisa and Jane were with us Saturday.

Gin is away this year! 

I loved Michelle's story- J.

What a great time and such a great effort by all. Contact me if you are dying to be a part of the Athleta group... I won that, and have to schedule a party! 

Also, here are my last-minute photos of the event:

Nice photos, Sarah.  Thanks for posting!  Looking forward to our next event.


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