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I found the love of a bicycle for transportation during the three years I lived in Chicago. I moved back home, to a land where there are no riders, and the mentality that a car is necessary. This accident was 5 miles from where I live. I suspect it was not only the glare, but also the fact that drivers do not even consider that a bike would be on the road.

This is so sad. The local news talked about what you need to do to be safe on a bike. Number one was wear a helmet. Really? Not one mention to look out for bikes when you are driving.

Thanks for being here Chankink. I felt the need to share with folks that "get it".
Is 60 to old to become an activist? It is needed in this area. Where to begin.....


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>>Is 60 to old to become an activist? 

No, not at all. 

And I am sorry about the number of emotions you must have around this death so close to your home.

Is 60 to old to become an activist? It is needed in this area. Where to begin.....

Absolutely not!

I would look for any sort of local and national cycling organizations and ask them for guidance. Maybe even a local org from another area (like ATA) would give you some tips on getting started. If there are no local organizations fighting for cyclist safety you should start one! :)

My friends/family have heard me many times! :) anymore they just give me a blank look and smile. I have a niece who drives her daughter to school, which is 1/2 mile way!

(Yes, the rider was wearing a helmet....but what did that matter? I have really started wondering about the whole helmet thing anyways.)

About two weeks ago there was another fatality. A migrant worker was riding along a road and fell in to the road and was hit. I am sure he was using the grass along side of this road, since the road does not have a shoulder.

Yes, this area has a long way to go regarding bicycles.


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