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Winter in July (croquetballs instead of snowballs)

Last night's hail storm is proof that winter is never far away from Chicago (kidding--please don't pelt me!) But I do always feel a little twinge that winter's a'comin when the days start getting shorter. And when the heat wave finally comes (I have been waiting all day), I bet some of us will be yearning for crisp January days.


This is all a long winded way of saying I hope you join us next Sat., July 9th, to celebrate Holly's first bike winter last season and to start pre-scheming for this season. Holly's event text copied below:


Come enjoy some sunshine, cocktails, and croquet at Holly's! I'm hosting a little summer gathering for Bike Winter to celebrate my first winter cycling. (Yeah! That was fun: July 9, 4-8pm.


Anyone who is involved with (or interested in becoming involved with) the Bike Winter group is invited to join us. 


We'll meet at my courtyard (3147 W. Lyndale) for drinks and enjoy a croquet match in Palmer Square. If the park is flooded, we'll have a tighter course on Kedzie Boulevard.  If you have other games you want to play, bring things like frisbees, hula hoops or badminton sets.


This social event is b.y.o.b. with some snacks provided, but please feel free to bring some food and drink products to share.

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