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Heya folks,

TC was kind enough to give me an unused pair of goggles to try last winter, but unfortunately I don't do well with any sort of shaded lens. I just odered a few clear-lens cheapos to give them a try (a $20 Bolle and an $8 no-name that's shipping from Hong Kong). I received the Bolles and they're actually pretty nice for the money, but they do detract from my peripheral vision a bit and that makes me nervous (already a bit tough to turn my head far due to an old injury).

Does anyone know if there are goggles designed for another sport that do better in the periphery department?  Thanks.

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I suspected you were right.

SO...looks like the night lens ski goggles are the only real solution. If you can't turn your head well I guess the only solution is warmer weather.

igz said:

told ya so.

Eduardo Acosta said:

Same here. I just got my Kroop's and tested them out this morning. There's enough pre-drilled holes to get a rush of cold air to your eyeballs and start watering your eyes thus fogging up the goggles. After limited used, the plastic lens gets soiled very easily from moisture and facial oil that they have to be wiped after every use to obtain the crystal clear vision.


Bummer, I really wanted these to work perfectly. I'll have to try racquetball goggles next.
H3N3 said:

Oops- wrong info above. I took a closer look and it seems they substituted a cycling model for a skydiving model intentionally or unintentionally. The skydiving model has no vent holes at all.

Today I found the fogging to be a real problem on teh ride to work, and on the way home the cold breeze was just right to send a constant jet of cold air at my eyeball via the little holes (I noticed this once or twice the other night). So I'm going to downgrade my rec of the cycling goggle for winter use.

I'll try the undrilled ($9.95) model next to see how it does.

Maybe we could challenge an equipment manufacturer like Bern to make something like a ski goggle that wraps around and gives the same fog free operation but also nice peripheral vision. 

Hi Everyone!

I still have not solved the winter glasses thing. Most of the time, my regular bike glasses with clear lenses are fine. Get down to zero or below, and they all suck. My snowboarding goggles fogged up too. Part of it is to not get so geared up that I overheat, but I am still in search of a good solution for really cold weather. Anyone tried these - they look promising:


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