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Sorry to read that it won't take place.  I've attended most of the swaps, seemed that they were well attended by both buyers and sellers.  Always thought the date worked against the event though.  The only years I've missed have been due to snow.

Anyone know why the event has been cancelled?

I think people who organize and run these things just run out of gas.  (Sorry for the automotive metaphor!)  It's a lot of work for not much reward, people move on and there's no one to take their place, and so on.   

This does unfortunately mean that both the VERY similarly named swaps in Chicagoland (Palatine/Harper College) and 'BikeWinter' (downtown, floating locations) are finished.  For now at least.

There is still 'Brazen Dropouts' in Madison coming up.

Also the 'Bazaar' in Milwaukee, newly reorganized and changed from December to February:

And I've just learned about another swap, down in Portage IN in December.

Makes me feel like the rest of bicycle advocacy when people get older, married and must have a vehicle to do the business of family life. Riding home from grocery shopping on my bicycle was a lonely affair in this carcentric town with people in their cages yelling unintelligible words at me.

Seems that it's back on!

The Chicago Winter Bike Swap is back for 2020!

Save the date!

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Life is good.


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